Volunteer Stories Denis Gruffaz


Denis Gruffaz, ADEI Volunteer

What led me to join ADEI?

The answer is both simple and complex...

A touch of random, a bit of luck, a pinch of wanting to leave the beaten track ... and a dream of the unknown!

But these few ingredients are not sufficient alone. I also add the will to share my skills in technical education, particularly in electrical engineering. After teaching in this field for twenty years, I thought I could bring  my  professional experience to serve the education goals of ADEI.

Committed since my teenage years to the nonprofit sector, I am convinced that in order for humanity to progress to its "best" we must recognize the diversity of human beings who compose it. We have the tools at our disposal including values of tolerance, mutual respect, sharing…now we must use them to serve the evolution of humanity.

My recent experience at KIITEC further convinced me of the need to get involved to help these young Africans in the development of technical knowledge. Quality technical skills allow them a professional place in society, contributing directly to their own economy and a place on the world stage. Additionally it contributes to their individual capacities, leading them to  succeed both professionally and personally.

It is difficult to describe in words alone my feelings during my stay at KIITEC…calm, serenity, kindness, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, tenacity, will, trust, sharing, simplicity...

There is a tremendous development potential just waiting to grow! Congratulations to the entire team, as it is with intelligence, determination and boundless energy you serve a beautiful, generous and essential humanitarian cause!

Denis Gruffaz, Technical Volunteer