A new member of Team ADEI

July 2, 2013


Hailing from Nigeria, Nene Ananaba has hit the ground running as ADEI’s newest intern. Keeping busy with communications projects, outreach planning and gearing up for her trip to Tanzania this September her days are full! During her first few weeks with the team, Nene has brought new ideas, new perspectives and much laughter to the European offices. As the first month comes to a close we thought we’d check in with Nene to learn about her motivations to join ADEI and first impressions.  

ADEI : Nene, can you tell us what motivated you to apply for an internship with ADEI?

Nene : The goals and objectives of ADEI fit well with my passions. Prior to my master’s program at Sciences-Po, Paris, I was very involved in youth and skills development, as I had been a teacher in various secondary schools in Nigeria. This inspired me to focus the core curriculum of my master’s program on African studies and Building Institutional and Individual capacities. While applying for the internship program, I was immediately attracted to ADEI’s operational strategy that not only uses a needs-based approach to meet local needs but also promotes a hands-on technique of teaching for youths in developing countries in East Africa. When I learned of this approach, I knew I had to be part of the team.

ADEI : As a Masters student at Sciences Po in Paris, how have your studies contributed to your current work?

Nene : Wow! My studies have given me the opportunity to meet and learn from experts in the field of international development. More so, with courses such as Sustainability of Growth in Developing Countries and Project Management, I have been exposed to both theoretical and practical standpoints of offering solutions to international issues. All this has allowed me to improve my communication skills, enabled me to be open-minded, thorough and diversified in my work with ADEI.

ADEI : What types of employment skills are you hoping to take away from this internship experience?

Nene : (smiles) I have spent only a few weeks here, but I have learnt so much and been exposed to so much important information! It’s so amazing.

However, at the end of my stay, I hope to have improved my management skills but also importantly, I hope to learn how to create and sustain productive dialogue and relationships with stakeholders in development projects. These skills are important, as development projects are usually only sustainable when they are a product of combined effort.

ADEI : As a student in International Development, what are your future plans after graduation?

Nene: I plan to continue in the field of building individual and institutional capacities at the grass roots level in developing countries. On a long-term basis, I aim to create my own organization that will focus on incorporating youth development in the development agenda of many developing nations especially in Africa.

ADEI: You are off to Tanzania in September to help organize the KIITEC graduation and work with our onsite team there to promote our programs. Is there anything in particular you are most looking forward to about this experience?

Nene: hmm…Firstly, I can’t wait to meet the onsite team and students of KIITEC. It will be wonderful to mix up and exchange ideas on ADEI’s programs and the upcoming graduation. On the other hand, I have heard a lot about Tanzania’s beautiful landscape and culture, I am also looking forward to discovering all this and much more.