Female KIITEC Graduate Receives Top Marks

October 7, 2013



Celebrating together with family and friends, KIITEC hosted its 5th annual graduation ceremony on September 27th, 2013. 27 graduates received their diplomas in Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Networking & Engineering and Industrial Automation. The principal of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology, Professor Kondono was invited as the guest of honour and took the opportunity to congratulate every graduate on their achievement. 

For the first time in KIITEC’s history, a female graduate was recognized with top marks in the graduating class and was honoured to address her classmates as the valedictorian during the ceremony. We had the opportunity to speak with 23 year old valedictorian Mathan Belium and asked her about her experiences at KIITEC. Read her interview below.


FTE: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the choices that led you to choosing KIITEC? How has your family supported your decision? 

MB: I have two younger brothers who are 19 and 17. I received my primary education at Loruvani primary school, went to Kibosho girls' secondary school for Ordinary level education and afterwards, received my Advanced level education from Ifunda technical high school where I majored in PGM (Physics, Geography and Mathematics) and completed in February, 2010.

I always wanted to pursue a degree course in Telecommunications but did not have the required qualifications to join any of the Universities so I opted for a Diploma level, which I had all the qualifications for.

There are many colleges that offer this course but it was my Dad that told me about and insisted on KIITEC. I had applied for a Bachelor degree in Business Management at the University of Arusha and qualified. This is a four-year course for candidates like me who had only one principal pass. I had never wanted to major in business studies before but at that time I felt I had no other choice. It was not until my Dad heard about KIITEC from a former KIITEC student and Lecturer, that I felt at ease and dropped the chance at the University of Arusha.


FTE:What is it like to be a female technician in a male dominant profession?

MB: Being a female technician for me was not as hard as many may take it. I had been in a class of 48 men and only 6 girls, at Ifunda Technical Secondary School but the only difference is that at KIITEC, I had to strive harder as it was all about 'hands-on' system of training. I had to be more keen and sharp in order to grasp all that was important especially in the Laboratory.


FTE: How does the learning environment at KIITEC help support females?

MB: KIITEC has well equipped Labs, committed Lecturers and Instructors who are ready to assist the students at all times. Every student, male or female has equal chance to perform well at KIITEC. I think it just takes one's efforts, self-awareness and dedication to grab the chance.


FTE: What is your future career plan now that you have graduated?

MB: I am now working at Power Technics Tanzania Limited in Dar-Es-Salaam in the department of Sustainable Energy. I can say I am just lucky to have been employed just after my graduation. I intend to and I will be very happy to go back to school just after my contract expires after two years. Renewable energy is one of the fast growing sectors and depending on how the trend will be by then, I might go for a degree in Renewable Energy.


FTE: What is your advice for the next generation of female technicians?

MB:  It just happens that females tend to regard technical education as a males' field and prefer other fields more. Females who would like to major in Technology are still very few and for those who are interested, I wouldn't hesitate to encourage them and recommend KIITEC for a Diploma level.

I am so happy to have achieved this level and I definitely am thirsty for so much more!