KIITEC's 4th Graduation Ceremony, A Celebration To Be Remembered

September 18, 2012


On Friday, September 14th, 51 students were awarded their diplomas and certificates at KIITEC to recognize their academic successes. Under a tent constructed just for the occasion, KIITEC staff and students welcomed family, extended family and friends to celebrate together in KIITEC’s courtyard. 

The event was a day to be remembered with a special song and dance performance by the current students, speeches by staff and students and a special address by guest of honour Mr. Kusirie Senkondo, the Technical Operation Manager at Habari Node Ltd. Located in nearby Moshi, Tanzania, Habari Node Ltd. has taken on KIITEC students as interns over the past few years and consistently provide positive feedback to the quality of the student’s training. In his speech, he encouraged KIITEC graduates to continue to work hard in order to reach their goals. 

Following the ceremony, students, faculty and guests took a guided tour of the campus where the second year students prepared special demonstrations in each classroom showcasing their current projects. These included a circuit irrigation system, car alarm and a simulated traffic light system to use at a train crossing. 

With only 16 graduates in 2011, Onesmo Matei, KIITEC’s principal noted that this year’s 51 graduates (6 of them girls) demonstrated both progress and a solid commitment toward their studies.

“This year’s graduating class has made a big transformation from first year students who lacked basic learning/technical skills, to highly skilled technicians ready for the workforce. Over the course of their time at KIITEC, our students received intensive training in not only technical education, but also learning methods, business communication, and entrepreneurship skills. Now these students are the strongest class of graduates we have ever had, and we are very excited to see where their education takes them.” Onesmo Matei, KIITEC Principal

KIITEC's successful students received diplomas and certificates in:

  • Diploma, Electronics and Telecommunications - 5 students
  • Diploma, Industrial Automation - 6 students
  • Diploma, Computer Engineering and Networking - 6 students
  • Certificate, IT Support and Networking - 29 students
  • CCNA Certification - 5 students

Our heartfelt congratulations to all graduates!