Our Approach

1. We provide support in the development and long-term impact of quality professional technical training centres in the developing world for students with low access to quality education.

Based on a student-centred and hands-on approach to learning, we encourage modern technical programming designed to enhance the learning experience and job prospects of each student.

In 2004, ADEI's partner FTE developed the international technical training centre KIITEC in Arusha, Tanzania.  Shortly after construction, ADEI joined FTE in the development and advancement of KIITEC and has played a pivotal role in the development of education programming and training  ever since. 

We are now focusing our attention on expanding the education model piloted at KIITEC and spreading it to existing technical education facilities throughout East Africa.  We work together with existing education institutions to provide better quality technical learning programmes to deliver results. Our models are based on both long-term diploma and short-term certificate degrees.


2. We promote local employment and the transferring of skills through training programmes targeted to local educators.

Our volunteers pass on professional skills through training and coaching programmes to local educators in order to enhance individual technical skills and teaching aptitudes and overall institutional capacity.

3. We encourage access to technical education and help facilitate entrepreneurial pursuits to disadvantaged students in the developing world.

We connect students with ambitions to start entrepreneurial pursuits with international mentors and coaches  to help them succeed after graduation. 


4. We work together with local businesses and industries to develop and improve training programmes adapted to emerging labour market demands with the capacity to respond to change.

Our training programmes are developed in consultation with local industries to supply the market with the work-ready technicians that are needed to improve local business viability and economic stability. We work with industry-tested training equipment and modern learning materials to prepare students for real-world scenarios. 


As a volunteer you will share your knowledge and experience to help others through education, providing a real opportunity for a better future. Apply today and use your professional skills to help make real change.