Stories of Success

Below we have compiled stories of success sharing personal accounts of how technical education has made a difference to individuals and to the lives around them. 

John Mshana Technician, Banana Investment

Coming from a poor family, John Mshana never expected to have an opportunity to attend a technical college. With support from ADEI he was able to complete his studies with a certificate in Industrial Automation. Shortly after graduating in 2009, John was hired by the local banana beer brewery, Banana Investment, to help install a new production line. The company's director hired two Germans to oversee the project, but soon after the equipment was installed it became clear that John knew the system just as well, if not better than the outsourced labourers. Now the company will not need to hire work from oversees to maintain the equipment, saving precious time and resources. John continues to work for Banana Investment as a technician, and uses part of his salary to help support his family and neighbors in his community.

"My family was poor, they didn't have any money to send me to a school like KIITEC. The technical knowledge that I got there has helped me a lot. Now I am able to give some money to my younger brothers and sisters, my relatives, even some of the neighbors surrounding my family"- John Mshana, 2009 KIITEC Gradute in Industrial Automation

Bertha Mbugha - Assistant Telecommunications Teacher, KIITEC

Bertha was one of the first women to graduate from KIITEC in 2009. Growing up in a very poor family, she managed to finish her degree with a loan through FTE. After working in the telecommunication industry, she was hired by KIITEC to share her knowledge and expertise as the Assistant Telecommunications Teacher, where she has been working since 2010.  She works with students in the classroom and labs, teaching the hands on trainings that she attributes to her own success as a professional technician and teacher.

“The problem I was facing after my advance level education was financial. When I came to KIITEC my parents could not manage the fees. So ADEI and its partners. Now I am one of the first females to graduate from KIITEC. This technical education has helped me to be independent. I can also help my parents pay for school fees for my young brother who is in college." - Bertha Mbugha, KIITEC Graduate 2009

John Nkya - Information Technologist, ALMC

John Nkya was one of KIITEC's first graduates from 2008. He has been working for the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (ALMC) since January of 2009 as an Information Technologist. ALMC is one of the leading hospitals in the country, and one of the few that completely rely on telecommunications. Patient’s records, medical evaluations, test results and prescriptions are all tracked by the computer system that John is responsible for maintaining. Without John's invaluable service, the hospital would not be able to maintain its volume of patients or quality of healthcare.

“At Arusha Lutheran everything goes through computers, from the patient being be received at the reception desk, to the doctors, to the pharmacy, to the laboratory, and finally to the cashier.  My duty as the information technologist is to make sure that all of the computers in the network are working. It is important because nothing works here in our hospital without computers, so I make sure the system runs perfectly.”  - John P. Nkya, KIITEC Class of 2008

Godlisten Heaven - KIITEC Teaching Assistant and Network Administrator

Godlisten first walked through the doors of KIITEC over 4 years ago originally enrolled in the 1-year certificate program. After exposure to the learning environment and opportunity to work with the equipment, Godlisten joined the NTA-6 specialization in Computer Engineering and Networking. Fast forward to his third year and he happily accepted an internship position with the school. Then finally following graduation in 2012, Godlisten was officially hired as a teaching assistant in Computer Engineering and Networking and Network Administrator for KIITEC. With a great start to his career underway, Godlisten has no regrets about the choice he made over 4 years ago.

“Even if I want to work somewhere else, I wouldn’t apply my knowledge as much as the way I have applied it here. Because the equipment that is here, we work with it every time. If I worked outside KIITEC, there would probably not be as much equipment, so I would apply my knowledge less. Here, I study more and I get more experience with the equipment. It’s a win-win for me”. Godlisten Heaven 2012 KIITEC Computer Engineering & Networking Graduate

Michael Lyimo - Founder of Mick's Computer Centre (MCC)

It was his father that bought Michael his first computer many years ago, and since the first moment he sat down at the keyboard, he was hooked. Before attending KIITEC Michael worked for his father’s business in the construction industry. But when his father died in 2010, he was forced to choose a new path in life. It was at this time he made the decision to return to school to pursue a career in IT and follow his dreams of opening his own computer company. Today, thanks to the education he received at KIITEC he is well on his way! Michael has opened up his own small business called Micks Computer Centre (MCC) where he repairs and teaches IT applications including Microsoft, Windows, Linux and Networking in the Arusha, Tanzania region.

“Everything I do now, I did not know them before I came to KIITEC. For me I think it is my starting point. I think I can grow more as I get challenges. It is mine, I love what I do, and I am doing IT!” Michael Lyimo KIITEC 2012 Graduate in Computer Engineering & Networking

Shuk Kandonga - Director of CIT Arusha

Compassion International Tanzania (CIT) is a Christian child development ministry dedicated to helping children in need throughout Tanzania. Shuk has been the director of CIT’s Arusha branch since August of 2010, where he manages a team of 10, including social and health workers, teachers and administrators.  CIT sponsors 250 kids from poor families in and around Arusha in need of a safe place to play and learn.  Every Saturday the kids enjoy classes in entrepreneurship, fine art, vocational skills, and more.  In addition to his role as director, Shuk teaches the computer programmes class and is helping to implement a computer networking system so that all CIT branches can communicate more effectively.

“My education is so helpful because about 90% of Compassion activities now depend on computers. It is a good thing because it simplifies work and saves time and money. Before we would have to send someone 30 - 40km to deliver a document, but now everyone can use e-mail to communicate. Our future plan is to put all CIT branches on the same computer network in order to improve the way we exchange information.” - Shuk Kandonga, KIITEC 2009 Graduate - Computer Engineering

Jacob James - IT Manager, Network Technician & Network Administrator at Braeburn International School in Arusha

Jacob has been working for the Braeburn International School in Arusha since he graduated in 2009.  After four years, he has become an integral part of the school, often holding multiple roles including the IT Manager, Network Administrator, and Network Technician.  Whether its updating a coworker’s computer software, or installing new digital white boards, Jacob does it all.  Since he started working, the school has increased its computers from 50 to 200, requiring a great amount of maintenance. As the only person working in his department, he hopes to soon bring on an additional employee to join his department.

“Jacob is a man of many talents. He seems to hold three job roles in one. He is our IT Manager, the Network Administrator and the Network Technician. Given the magnitude of our network, it can be a very daunting task, so I have been very impressed by the work he has done here". - Patrick Bongo, ICT Teacher at Braeburn School, Arusha

Emily Shabani - Self-Employed Technician

Emily was a graduate from KIITEC’s Telecommunications programme in 2009. He has held several jobs in the industry all over Tanzania, including a position as Technical Officer at Track Me Tanzania. He has also started his own company called Computel Techno Services, offering computer and network maintenance services to local business, industries and individuals. Despite financial setbacks due to his office being robbed, he is still self-employed offering printing and design work. His hope is to re-open Computel in addition to a programme that would empower Tanzanian youth seeking employment in the technical industry.

“Telecom was my dream, and I have to give thanks to the KIITEC staff, all the sponsors, and partners, because what they did is marvelous. It helped me a lot, not for only me, but all the students who graduate from KIITEC." - Emily Shabani, KIITEC Graduate 2009 (Telecommunications)

Izack Mangesho - Founder of Rockcity

Before studying at KIITEC Izack Mangesho had a degree from VETA in Electronic Installation. But without success in finding employment he decided to return to education and upgrade his skills at KIITEC with a 3-year specialization in Computer Engineering & Networking. After graduation Izack started his own company in graphic design called Rockcity which he runs when he is not working his part-time job at MAT-SEC helping with printing, photocopying, postcard, vouchers, textbooks and General supplies.

“Before coming to KIITEC, I did not know how to repair computers or even use them, but after KIITEC, I have learnt how to format computers, install Windows on systems and connect computers to enable sharing. During my stay, I went through the CCNA training, so at the end of my stay I was able to work for some companies like Arusha graphics, where I was able to install Reuters and switches to enable shared connection of computers. I want to say thanks so much to KIITEC”. Izack Mangesho, 2012 KIITEC Graduate in Computer Enginerring and Networking

Reaching Local Industries

For decades, local beer bottling plant Nyanza Bottling in Mwanza, Tanzania was required to call in experts from South Africa to maintain and repair their production line because they could not find any local expertise, resulting in loss of production time and profits. To date, the company has hired four graduates from the KIITEC programme who have acquired the competencies in demand. Each time their skills are implemented the company is saved the average waiting time of 3 days needed to bring in the experts from South Africa. This is equal to 350,000 bottles of beer not being produced!

Reaching Local Communities

Through the encouragement of our entrepreneurial support team, Dickson Nkya, a graduate of our education programme started his own company to install and maintain solar panels in local Tanzanian villages, providing the first opportunity for many villagers to have access to electricity. For the very first time these communities now have access to light, Internet and mobile phones opening doors to many new prospects in life. Today Dickson runs his own company called Dykyan Technology.


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