International Technical Training Centre (KIITEC)

In 2004, ADEI's partner FTE built the Kilimanjaro International Institute of Telecommunications, Electronics and Computers (KIITEC) introducing state of the art teaching facilities to train technicians in Arusha, Tanzania. Following construction, ADEI joined FTE in it's ambition to make change through technical education and has played a pivotal role in the on the ground education programming and training at KIITEC ever since. Today, KIITEC acts as the international training centre where educators travel to from different corners of Africa to upgrade their skills. KIITEC is the home base for ADEI's international volunteers. 

Resting on a 15-acre campus, KIITEC offers the most advanced targeted training technologies in the region. The innovative education model developed at KIITEC is based on a hands-on and student-centred approach to learning with full access to modern learning equipment simulating real world practical experiences. The training centre is registered and accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and awards successful graduates with a 3-year National Technical Award Level Six (NTA-6) Diploma.

KIITEC’s specialized training programmes include:

•    Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

•    Industrial Automation

•    Computer Engineering and Networking

•    Renewable Energies, Environmental Impact

Future training programmes in development:

•    Biomedical

•    Avionics

 Learn more about KIITEC's programmes here.


Professional Programmes

Short-term professional courses are offered to upgrade the skills of employees from local companies (day and evening classes).

Certificate Programmes

Computer engineering, networking & programming courses are offered. An 18-month training course leads to a CCNA Cisco Certification (evening and weekend classes).


As a volunteer you will share your knowledge and experience to help others through education, providing a real opportunity for a better future. Apply today and use your professional skills to help make real change.