Student Recruitment Underway!

July 3, 2012


It’s that time of year again at KIITEC! A new batch of eager students are working toward gaining acceptance into KIITEC’s next round of technical education programmes. Throughout the next couple of months, a select panel comprising KIITEC’s principal, senior teachers and European volunteers will undergo recruitment evaluation assessments, as outlined in ADEI's quality control plan, to determine next year’s class of technicians in training.

For the fourth year in a row, Jean-Michel Berçot will be representing ADEI and taking part as a key member of the recruitment panel. Additionally from France, Claudia Aiello will be participating in this year’s panel traveling for the first time to Arusha, Tanzania.

“Our end goal is to have every student graduated and fully prepared for the workforce, therefore a thorough recruitment process is particularly important to ensure each student is motivated and suited for the programme upon entrance”. Jean Michel Berçot, ADEI Board Member

After carefully reviewing each application, all candidates are invited to KIITEC where a written test is administered to determine writing and comprehension skills – the first turning point to decide whether candidates will stay or go. After the written test evaluation, 50 carefully selected candidates are scheduled for an interview assessment in front of the official panel. The questions are carefully crafted to determine analytical thinking skills and aptitudes for practical learning. This segment is generally considered the most daunting for candidates, as it is often the first exposure they are given to a professional interview process. From this group 37 students are selected, 32 are welcomed to KIITEC’s programmes and 5 are put on a waiting list, pending dropouts or other circumstances.

In 2009, KIITEC introduced pre-access courses for potential students looking to improve their chances of acceptance into KIITEC. These courses are held for 8 weeks before the recruitment process begins offering skills training in Mathematics, Basic Science/ Physics, English/Communication Skills and Computers. The courses are designed to better prepare the students and to help the evaluators determine the best candidates.

“I have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of students that apply each year with the introduction of the pre-access courses. It has completely changed the dynamics of our recruitment process as it provides an opportunity for students to better understand their strengths, skills and career direction – an undertaking that is not easy for students right out of secondary school”. Onesmo Matei, KIITEC Principal

This year KIITEC is offering 4 specialized training programmes. These include:

  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Computer Engineering and Networking
  • Renewable Energies