Why Technical Education?

Technical education plays an essential role in both economic stability and growth. It is the skilled technicians who maintain the daily technological functions of our industrial world ensuring the technology we rely on runs accurately and efficiently.

Due to the traditional theoretical approach to education in East Africa, we have witnessed a critical shortage of skilled technicians with suitable competencies. Technical graduates leave school without the skills to successfully transition from education to the workplace. Without the resources to train in-house, these nations are left to repeatedly seek technical assistance outside of their borders contributing directly to economic and social constraints.

In today’s information age, a skilled workforce is critical for a self-reliant economy. Through technical education, citizens can be provided basic tools to participate in the development and maintenance of technologies in their own communities, contributing to job creation, economic development and an increased standard of living. We take a hands-on approach to technical education providing the essential tools for students to succeed in their careers upon graduation. Our graduates are work-ready, alleviating the burden of companies needing to provide additional training once hired.

"Rather than simply contributing resources to vulnerable populations, we use technical skills to help unleash the potential within individuals themselves; gaining access to the tools they need for a brighter future without having to depend on others". ADEI Founding Members


As a volunteer you will share your knowledge and experience to help others through education, providing a real opportunity for a better future. Apply today and use your professional skills to help make real change.